5 Reasons We Love Mancraft Monday

5 Reasons We Love Mancraft Mondays

Happy Mancraft Monday!!! We know, some of you may be scratching your heads and scrunching up your face in confusion. What on earth is Sizzix up to now? Well, don't fret, it's nothing too crazy, but it's definitely something we feel we need to start doing more of- sharing the crafts and makes that men create! In a genre of lifestyle and living that is hugely dominated by women (something that we absolutely love), its really cool to see when men craft, hence: Mancraft Monday! If you aren't convinced of this awesome way to celebrate Monday, then we promise you will be after seeing our top 5 reasons for loving Mancraft Mondays.

5.) They're Dedicated Knitters5 Reasons We Love Mancraft Mondays

"Love and creativity unite people: knitting is not just for women, it is for men as well!" We absolutely love seeing this #mancraft post by bm_knitstore, as she accurately explains that loving what you do for a living, like these men who knit is all that really matters.

4.) They Like Making Their Girlfriend Gifts5 Reasons We Love Mancraft Mondays

We had such a blast crafting with David at the SNAP! Conference last week in Salt Lake City Utah, and we really loved that he just wanted to make his girlfriend a cute little mini planner to bring home to her after the show was over. He #mancrafted pretty well, don't you think?

3.) Celebrities Craft Too!5 Reasons We Love Mancraft Mondays

David Beckham hand stitching (and using an instruction sheet too!) just makes us swoon a little bit. This #mancrafting post by Sublime Stitching is on point (pun very much intended)!

2.) They Iron- and Do Epic Tutorials!5 Reasons We Love Mancraft Mondays

Man Sewing Mondays with Rob Appell of Mansewing has been our favorite way to celebrate the start of the week, and being able to continue celebrating Mondays with this awesome #mancrafter makes us all the more happy.

1.) Tim Holtz5 Reasons We Love Mancraft Mondays

Tim had to be our number 1 for why we love #mancraftmondays- his enthusiasm, love and passion for all things crafting and making inspire all of us here at Sizzix and getting to celebrate the beginning of a new week with new Tim makes and projects is definitely something for us to be excited about!

Who are your favorite #mancrafters? Share them with us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter using both #sizzix and #mancraftmonday to tag us in your post!

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