Sizzix Inspiration | Bracelet Charms by Tara Mihalech

Sizzix Inspiration | Bracelet Charms by Tara Mihalech

Hi friends! I'm back with some Vintaj jewelry inspiration for you this month. This piece came from playing around with alcohol inks and my Vintaj blanks.

I already had designs on making a turquoise bracelet - I find that turquoise is such a perfect stone for the Spring and Summer months. This bracelet is simple, with each stone being on its own eye pin and connected with jump rings. I loved its natural look, but it was missing something. Immediately, I grabbed my BIGkick, some embossing and etching dies and I started getting creative.

This square natural brass charm was created with the Sizzix DecoEtch Fine Feathers die. Rather than work with the raised side of the blank, I opted to work with the side that was etched.

Sizzix Inspiration | Bracelet Charms by Tara Mihalech

After placing the Sizzix DecoEtch die and the Square Vintaj Natural Brass Altered Blanks between a pair of Standard Cutting Pads and on top of the Solo Platform that comes with the machine and then running it through the BIGkick machine, I broke out my inks. Using Tim Holtz Adirondack alcohol ink in Eggplant, I put a few dabs of paint in the corners of the blank and let it spread around the blank until it was completely covered. I wanted a subtle look, so I didn't put a "primer" base of white ink down first. I wanted the colours to be muted.

Alcohol ink dries very quickly, so I was able to start sanding with the Reliefing Block within minutes. I sanded the border of the blank, as well as the space around the feather. You'll see that the feather's silhouette is highlighted by the ink settling into the grooves. It's such a great contrast.

Sizzix Inspiration | Bracelet Charms by Tara Mihalech

At the same time, I made this sweet little bird with the Sizzix DecoEmboss die Cherry Blossom Garden by Vintaj.

Again, I used the Eggplant alcohol ink (which really only offers contrast, due to the way it works with the brass to cover the entire die. Once the  ink had dried, I used the Vintaj Reliefing Block to sand at the raised bird and branches, as well as the border.

Sizzix Inspiration | Bracelet Charms by Tara Mihalech

The Cherry Blossom pattern has quickly became one of my favourite DecoEmboss dies. It could be because of my love of birds... but really, I think it's a crowd pleaser. I can think of many women in my life whom I could gift this to.

Now let me ask you - which charm would you choose? The feather or the bird? I'm curious to find out which one is your favourite.


Other Supplies Used:

  • Turquoise beads
  • Vintaj Eye Pins
  • Jump rings
  • Alcohol Ink
  • Jewelry Pliers (round nosed and flat nosed)

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