You Love Tim. We Love Tim. Come Get The Details On Our Latest Tim Holtz News

You Love Tim. We Love Tim. Come Get The Details On Our Latest Tim Holtz News

The week Tim Holtz was here was hands down fantastic. It was as if Christmas had arrived early. We were giddy with excitement waiting for Tim and Mario's arrival to our Sizzix headquarters. But, like with any holiday, there was prep work to be done, and we did our best to ensure that all of you were apart of our enthusiasm.

Such an awesome video, right?! By far, one of the coolest Periscope streams that has been done so far...not that we're biased or anything. But let's rewind. How did we end up Periscoping that particular live stream with Tim? Well, it included the enthusiasm that we did our best to include you in. About a week and a half before Tim got to Sizzix, we started doing daily giveaways, alternating between Instagram and Facebook, utilizing the hashtag trend, and calling it #CountDownToTim. Those giveaways were where we asked for your participation. Every day, we had our social media followers submit questions that they wanted to ask Tim, with the chance to have him answer their question if they were picked as that days winner. Ranging from asking about his childhood, to wanting to know where and how he found his inspiration, we ended our series of giveaways with 7 winners. Fast forward to Tim's visit- we were able to live stream Tim answering those 7 questions from our 7 winners on Periscope, an app connected through Twitter which allows someone to live record video, in turn, allowing others to watch, either as the video is live streaming, or up to 24 hours later. (We saved this video after we were finished live streaming so that we could share it with those unable to watch.) But this was only a smidge of the awesomeness with Tim's trip to see us.

One of the coolest things that happened while Tim and Mario were here, were the classes that they offered us throughout their visit. We got to sit down and learn, step by step, how to make our very own Winter Dwelling, complete with antiqued looking doors and window frames, snow, glitter, and a super cute Christmas tree. (The author may have gotten a little glitter crazy during the class she participated in, she is still finding sparkly particles from her project around her desk.)

We also offered our retailers an opportunity to come spend some time with Tim and Mario by inviting them to our Holiday Open House. They not only got the chance to make their own Winter Dwelling, but they also got taught by Tim how to use his other products from his new winter line to create some amazing holiday crafts.

You all heard right. Tim's newest Winter Line is now available at your local craft stores! Do you already have your favorites from this collection picked out? We can't even decide our favorites, they all are amazing. From cards, to mixed media projects, to perfect little Winter Dwellings, Tim has hit this newest collection out of the ball park, straight to the North Pole. We welcome you to check back for more projects and inspiration from this fantastic new collection.

You Love Tim. We Love Tim. Come Get The Details On Our Latest Tim Holtz News

We loved every second that Tim and Mario were here- the laughter, the learning and the holiday joy they each shared with us here at Sizzix. There was no one thing we could pin point as the highlight of their visit, it was fantastic from start to finish. We cannot wait until the next time!

What do you love most about Tim Holtz?

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