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Field Trip/I.D. Wristbands

Project #12036

Identify students on field trips or on opposing teams with colorful layered or braided wristbands and encourage hand-to-eye coordination.

Black or colored pens, Double-sided tape, Elastic thread, Hole punch, Leather, Craft foam or Vinyl placemat, Scissors, Tape

The teacher will die-cut the materials for student use prior to the lesson.

  1. Layered Wristband – Die-cut Wristbands using craft foam or leather. The Wristbands have perforations to easily adjust their length. Measure the student's wrist and cut slits on the closest perforations. Interlock the slits to hold the band in place.
  2. Place a horizontal and vertical strip of double-stick tape at the middle of the Wristband.
  3. Die-cut Layered Shapes (hearts, stars or circles) from coordinating colors of craft foam and layer with double-stick tape. Attach the Layered Shapes on the double-stick tape and press down firmly (Main Photo).
  4. Braided Wristband – Die-cut Braided Wristband using craft foam, leather or vinyl placemat. If desired, decorate the strands with black or permanent colored pens.
  5. Tape one end securely to a table to hold the strands in place while braiding.
  6. Count every two times you braid and then pull the tail end through the opening at the bottom as you braid. The strands will justify at the end of every six times.
  7. You can make a looser braid by straightening and pulling the braids down so they are evenly spaced, or you can make a tighter braid by continuing to braid the strands (either after six braids or after 12 braids).
  8. Use the strips left over between the die-cut strands (cut at an angle) or use elastic thread to close the Wristband.
  9. Poke the strip or thread through a hole on one side of the Wristband, then bring the strip around and poke through the hole on the other side. Tighten as necessary (Main Photo).
  10. These Wristbands may be a friendship bracelet, an I.D. bracelet, a fundraising item or a special occasion gift.

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