Celebrate Dads

Project #12039

Students decorate magnetic bookmarks or picture frames that may be used for special occasion gifts or to mark their own book pages.

Supplies Used: Adhesive, Cardstock or construction paper, Self-adhesive magnet (boxed business cards, sheets) or colored magnetic sheets, Painter's tape, Scissors, Stickers, Washi tape

The teacher will die-cut the materials for student use prior to the lesson.

  1. Washi tape and magnets (in sheets or boxed option) may be purchased in craft or office supply stores. Painter's tape may be purchased at building supply stores.
  2. Making a magnet picture frame - On a sheet of magnet, diagonally place painter's tape and Washi tape. Die-cut the Picture Frame with the decorated magnet sheet and adhere a photo to the back of the frame (Main Photo).
  3. Making a magnet bookmark - Either use two 1 1/2" squares of self-adhesive magnet or cut a self-adhesive magnetic business card in half. Place the magnetic sides together.
  4. Cut a piece of paper twice as long and the same width as the magnets.
  5. Peel off backing from one magnet and place on one end of the paper strip. Peel off backing from the other magnet, fold paper over and press down on magnet.
  6. Trim off the excess paper and draw, use stickers, or use die-cuts to decorate the bookmark (Main Photo).
  7. Students will enjoy using their bookmarks themselves or to give as gifts to friends and family.
  8. The picture frames will adhere to any magnet-friendly metals.
  9. Have the students identify various materials that may or may not contain iron (one of the necessary ingredients in "magnet-friendly" metals), e.g. Does magnet stick to an aluminum cookie sheet? Does magnet stick to a metal frying pan? Does magnet stick to a cast-iron frying pan?

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