More Holiday Photo Props

Project #12144

Add fun to your holiday photos with these cute Photo Props.

Supplies Used: Adhesive, Cardstock or construction paper, Chalkboard paper, Coffee stick or bamboo skewer, Craft foam, Chalk, crayons, markers or pens, Masking or washi tape, Scissors, Stickers

The teacher will die-cut the materials for student use prior to the lesson.

  1. Die-cut each Photo Prop (except the antlers) using assorted colors of cardstock, construction paper or craft foam.
  2. Decorate the props with crayons, markers, pens or layered paper.
  3. Each shape has two slits for attaching a coffee stick or bamboo skewer. Weave the stick through the openings.
  4. The antlers are designed to be cut on the folded edge of paper or cardstock.
  5. Fold the paper or cardstock in a size large enough to fit over the antler portion of the die.
  6. Place a piece of masking tape (or washi tape) on the rubber side of the die to indicate where the blade stops.
  7. Align the fold in the paper against the tape edge.
  8. Cut out the antlers, open the fold and insert a stick through the slits on either side of the die-cut shape (Main Photo).
  9. Use stickers, crayons, markers or pens to write a message on the caption box. If you use chalkboard paper to die-cut the caption box, the students can erase a chalk message and write a different message with chalk.
  10. Now you have clever customized props that can be used for holiday plays, fun and storytelling (Main Photo).
  11. Once your students see how to use the Photo Props, they will enjoy designing their own custom versions.

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