Embossed Bingo Card #2

Project #12534

Give a delightfully distressed look to your next creative project. Our Tim Holtz-inspired Texture Fades easily emboss select areas of the image so that they appear perfectly faded and distressed.

Other Supplies: Buttons, Cardstock, Ink, Patterned Paper, Ribbon, Silver Leaves

Create a card base by folding a piece of patterned paper in half. Emboss card front using the Bingo Card embossing folder and ink to highlight the design. Emboss a small piece of cardstock using the number '25' from the Bingo Card embossing folder, ink to highlight the design and adhere to the card front. Cut a slit in the crease of the card just wide enough for a ribbon to feed through. Tie a ribbon around the card. Embellish with silver leaves and buttons.

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