Umbrella Man Scrapbook Page

Project #12677

Express spring in a whole new light. With an unforgettable altered art approach, you can reinvent the rites of spring. Just follow the instructions below and enjoy life's creative journey!

Other Supplies: Cardstock, Patterned Paper, Newspaper, Ink, Twine

Cut a piece of patterned paper to size to form a scrapbook page base. Cut a square of patterned paper and adhere to the lower left side of the page. Tear a strip of newspaper, ink to distress and adhere to the page. Attach a photo to the page. Wrap twine around the page twice and tie into a bow. Die-cut Umbrella Man out of mat board and attach to the page using foam dots. Die-cut Rosettes out of cardstock, fold along perf lines to assemble. Add rosette center and attach to the page. Hand-cut stems and attach to the page.

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