True Friendship Card

Project #12684

What does true friendship mean? No matter what your definition, you can express it on this True Friendship Card. Its fun format opens up to just about anything you can imagine.

Other Supplies: Cardstock, Patterned Papers, Button, Decorative Trim, Ink, Ribbon, Stamp

Die-cut Tri-Shutter Card out of patterned papers and cardstock. Use the cardstock card as the card base. Fold along crease lines to assemble. Cut away various pieces of the patterned paper version of the card and adhere as shown. Stamp a sentiment, trim to size, ink edges, embellish with a button and attach to the far leaf panel. Decorate the middle panel with a strip of decorative trim on the lower panel and tie a ribbon around the center panel. Decorate the far right panel with a die-cut flower and leaf and a hand-cut stem.

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