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Lights with Flowers

Project #128

From a romantic wedding setting to warm summer nights, these little flowering lights add a special touch, inside or out!

Other Supplies: String of Lights, Cardstock, Vellum, Glitter, Hole Punch, Glue Dots

  1. Apply adhesive to full sheets of a variety of papers and vellum.
  2. Die-cut 30 sets of Flower Layers #2 out of adhesive-backed paper.
  3. Peel backing from each Flower and cover adhesive with glitter.
  4. Punch a hole in the center of each Flower so it will fit easily over each light bulb.
  5. Layer one small Flower over one large Flower and slide over every third light bulb.
  6. Use a small glue dot to secure Flowers to lights if necessary.

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