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Partridge in a Pear Tree Card

Project #12884

It's an instant Christmas Classic! From the 12 Days of Christmas eclips cartridge by Brenda Pinnick come these stylish shapes customized to your own unique combinations of creativity!

Other Supplies: Buttons, Cardstock, Patterned Paper, Printed Sentiment, Ribbon, Sewing Machine, Thread

Cut a piece of cardstock to size and fold to form card base. Cut pieces of patterned paper and cardstock to fit across the card front and adhere in place as shown. Print a sentiment on cardstock, trim to size and adhere to the card front. Embellish with threaded buttons. Ruffle a length of ribbon and machine stitch to maintain the effect. Attach the ruffled ribbon to the card front and trim away excess. Cut a Partridge out of cardstock using the eclips machine and 12 Days of Christmas Cartridge. Layer colors to assemble and attach to the card front. Embellish with a ribbon bow.

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