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True Love Christmas Wall Décor

Project #12885

Celebrate the holidays in your own unmistakable way. From the 12 Days of Christmas eclips cartridge by Brenda Pinnick come these stylish shapes customized to your own unique combinations of creativity!

Other Supplies: Buttons, Cardstock, Felt Flowers, Glitter, Hot-glue Gun, Jewels, Patterned Paper, Ribbon, Wooden Dowel

Cut three Horizontal Card Cover #10 Ribbon shapes from patterned paper using the eclips machine and Cards & Envelopes Cartridge to form a base for a wall hanging. Cut a large Ornate Label #3 from cardstock using the eclips machine and Basic Shapes Cartridge. Cut the label in half lengthwise and adhere to two of the card covers to form the outer strips of the wall dcor hanging. For the center strip, cut a piece of cardstock to fill in the substitute as the middle of the label. Adhere a strip of patterned paper across each non-ribbon-end of the wall hanging. Cut a slit under each patterned paper and feed ribbon through. Tie each ribbon into a bow around a wooden dowel. Hot-glue the ribbon bows in place on the dowel. Crop photos as desired and adhere to wall hanging. Cut remaining shapes from cardstock using the eclips machine and 12 Days of Christmas Cartridge. Layer colors to assemble, embellish shapes with glitter and attach to the wall hanging. Finish by adding felt flowers, jewels and other small embellishments to the wall hanging. Embellish the ends of the wooden dowel with die-cut Snowflakes embellished with glitter and buttons.

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