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Quinceanera Bouquet

Project #1300

For a big milestone in your little girl's life, Sizzix dies can help you create a Quinceaera Bouquet with that extra-special touch.

Other Supplies: Cardstock, Bouquet Holder, Florist Tape, Hot-glue Gun, Pearl Stems, Ribbon, Stamen, Wire

Make loops with ribbon and tie off with wire. Insert into holder. Die-cut Flowers from paper. Cut radius slit in bigger Flower Layer. Move one petal to sit on top of another petal and secure in place. This will make the Flower look like a cup shape. Punch small hole in center of all Flowers. Layer and insert stamen bundle through all holes. Attach to wire with florist tape. Insert Flowers into ribbon bouquet. Die-cut smaller Flower Layers. Cut a radius slit into Flower and punch small hole in middle. Roll up Flower starting at radius cut. Add wire to Flower with hot glue at last petal, securing petal as well. Wrap stem with florist tape and insert into bouquet. Add pearl embellishments.

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