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Happy Birthday Butterfly Card #4

Project #13130

Create a birthday sentiment with flair. Anything is possible when you make the most of the many possibilities that Stephanie Barnard Framelits and Movers & Shapers Flip-its dies have to offer.


Other Supplies: Cardstock, Patterned Paper, Clear/Invisible Polyester Monofilament Thread, Double-Sided Tape, Glitter, Glue Pen, Ink, Ribbon, Stamp Mount

Position the larger of the two Fancy Labels Magnetic Dies in the center of the Square Flip-its Card. Die-cut the Square Flip-its Card out of cream cardstock. Die-cut the left side of the Square Flip-its card using patterned paper. Cut along the crease lines with scissors. Ink edges and layer onto solid cardstock base. Die-cut just the Square portion of the Card again from patterned paper. Cut away excess so the patterned paper Square is separate from the Card. Set aside. Stamp "Happy Birthday" sentiment along the edge on the right side of the Card. Emboss a background design onto the right side of the Card using the Butterflies #4 embossing folder. Wrap ribbon around the Card and tie in a bow. Die-cut two Butterflies out of cream colored cardstock using a Framelits die. Embellish both Butterflies with the swirl wing stamps. Use a glue pen to apply glue on each Butterfly and apply glitter. Cut a length of monofilament thread that is slightly longer than the cut-out Label. Adhere the Butterflies, wrong sides together, to the center of the monofilament thread. Apply double-sided tape to onto the Square Flip-its card base. Attach the monofilament thread to the tape, making sure the Butterfly is centered in the middle of the Fancy Label opening. Adhere the Square, set aside earlier, to the center section of Card, lining up the cut-out Fancy Label and covering the wire.

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