Tree of Life Story Necklace

Project #13268

Whether you're deeply rooted in family, friends or just expressing yourself, this necklace helps express your beautiful story. Branch out with your own amazing version by using Sizzix DecoEmboss Dies by Vintaj. They elegantly emboss dozens of different design combinations onto an assortment of Vintaj metal blanks.

Other Supplies: 1/8" Nail Head Rivet (Vintaj Item# RV0001), 50mm x 12mm Branch (Vintaj Item# EM0070R) (EM0070), 7.25mm Jump Ring (Vintaj Item# JR40R) (JR40), Etruscan Antiquity (Vintaj Item# AP0012), Vintaj Glaze (Vintaj Item# VPK34834), 1.5mm Hole Punch Pliers (Vintaj Item# V-PLHP15-SH), Steel Bench Block (Vintaj Item# V-BB44), Rubber Dampening Block (Vintaj Item# V-RDB1249), 4-oz. Ball Pein Hammer (Vintaj Item# V-HAM01), Clear Ultra-Thick Embossing Enamel (UTEE), Melting Pot, Old Newsprint, Chain, Clasp

Emboss three Square Vintaj Natural Brass Altered Metal blanks, one using the Moonlit Night DecoEmboss die and two using the Dragonfly Pond DecoEtch die. Buff with the Metal Reliefing block to highlight the raised designs. Punch or drill an additional hole in the lower portion of two embossed blanks. Punch or drill holes in the Etruscan Antiquity embellishment to line up with the holes in an embossed blank for riveting and at the top for linking as seen in the image. Flatten the branch embellishment and punch or drill holes for linking. Roughly tear two rectangle-shaped pieces from old newsprint. Punch matching holes in the paper for riveting and linking. Turn on the Melting Pot, pour a teaspoon of UTEE onto the craft sheet and melt. Place the newsprint on the melted UTEE and let the UTEE soak through the paper. Use an awl to keep the punched holes clear of UTEE. Slide the newsprint off of the craft sheet, turn the melting pot off and allow the newsprint to cool. Rivet the embossed Square blank to the Etruscan Antiquity. Attach printed pages to the Etruscan Antiquity embellishment using jump rings. Dangle two embossed Square blanks together and attach to the back of the layered pieces with the jump rings. Dangle the riveted Etruscan Antiquity embellishment from the center of the Branch. Create the necklace by linking the branch and a clasp onto chain. If desired, Vintaj Glaze can be used as a sealer for natural metals to prevent oxidation. It is fast-drying, durable and permanent with a satin finish.

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