Stars & Stripes Quilt

Project #13282

These colors don't run...but they do play a prominent patriotic part in this spirited quilt. Show your American pride with this classic look that as treasured as it is timeless.

Fabric Requirements:

YardageFabricCutting Instructions
Fat 1/4Red stripe printCut (12) Stars*
1/2 yd Cream with blue printCut (12) 6 1/2" Squares
1/4 ydRed printCut (3) 2 1/2" wide Strips
1/4 ydCream with flags printCut (3) 2 1/2" wide Strips
1/4 yd Navy printCut (3) 2 1/2" wide Strips
7/8 ydNavy solidCut (4) 3 1/2" wide Strips
Cut (4) 2 1/2" wide Strips for binding
1 1/4 ydBacking fabric
40" x 50"Batting
1 packageLightweight fusible adhesive


  • Finished Size: 30" x 42"
  • All seam allowances are 1/4" unless noted.
  • Fat 1/4 = approximately 18" x 21"
  • * = Adhere fusible adhesive to back of fabric before die-cutting the shapes.

Piecing the Quilt:

  1. Place a Star on top of a 6 1/2" cream and blue print Square. Heat fuse in place using an iron and stitch around the shapes as desired. Repeat to make 11 more Star blocks.
  2. Sew a red 2 1/2" Strip to a cream 2 1/2" Strip. Then sew a navy 2 1/2" Strip next to the cream. Press seams towards the darker color. Sew the remaining, non-binding, 2 1/2" Strips the same manner.
  3. Die-cut the pieced Strips into 6 1/2" Squares.
  4. Using the quilt image as a guide, arrange the Star blocks and pieced Squares into rows, 4 across by 6 down. Sew the blocks together to form rows. Sew the rows together to form the quilt top.
  5. Measure from the top to the bottom of quilt top. This is the side length of the exterior borders. Cut the 3 1/2" strips to this length and sew in place.
  6. Measure from the outside edges of the quilt top. This is the top and bottom length of the exterior borders. Cut the 3 1/2" strips to this length and sew in place.


  1. Layer the backing, batting and quilt top. Quilt by hand or machine, as desired.
  2. Sew binding strips together to form one long strip. Fold wrong sides together, lengthwise, and press.
  3. With a 1/4" seam, sew the raw edges of the binding to the edges of the right side of the quilt. Turn the folded edge of the binding to the back side of the quilt and stitch in place by hand, mitering the corners.

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