Embossed Marquee Card

Project #13366

A few special touches here and a few unique additions there. Put them together and what do you have? An Embossed Marquee Card that commemorates any occasion!

Other Supplies: Cardstock, Patterned Paper, Button, Chalk, Decorative Trim, Hole Punch, Ink, Ribbon, Velvet Leaves

Cut patterned paper to size and fold to form card base. Cut a strip of decorative trim to size and attach to the card front, trimming away any excess. Apply ink to the female (negative) side of the Marquee Embossing Folder, carefully place the cardstock inside the folder and emboss. Remove the embossed paper, let dry and trim to fit across the card front. Punch two holes in the embossed paper, feed ribbon through the holes, wrap around the card and tie in a bow. Adhere in place. Die-cut a Flower out of cardstock and bend petals up to show dimension. Embellish with chalk and adhere to the card front. Finish by embellishing with velvet leaves and a decorative button.

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