Pop-up 2torial: Graduation Flip-Up Card

Project #13371

My idea is to limit myself to 2 minutes (ish) videos to be able to explain the technique. Here's the video and then you can scroll down for pictures, a supply list and more detailed instructions for a couple of the steps that I had to leave out of the video (so I didn't have to figure out a new catchy title using the number 3!) The dies featured in the video are the Bigz Flip-up Flower and the Celebrate Sizzlits set. Both of these dies have how-to videos which are viewable on the product pages when you click those links.

Other Supplies: Cardstock, Adhesive, Chalk, Ink, Make-up Sponge, Mini Tassels, Watermark Stamp Pad, Stamps

The idea for this card is to use the mechanism of the Flip-up Flower to animate something else. In this case, I cut a 3" x 3" square of lightweight black chipboard and added a mini tassel to the front using a decorative brad. The tassel was in my stash from years ago, so I found an alternate source to put in the supply list.

When you pull the tab, the graduation cap will flip up.

The video tutorial shows the technique for making the shadow effect with the Celebrate word, but I wasn't able to include how I stamped the "congrats" label for inside, so here are some quick instructions for that:

  1. Die-cut the label shape from the Celebrate Sizzlits set.
  2. Stamp the word "congrats" in the graduate's darker school color in the center of the label. Clean the stamp well.
  3. Stamp the "congrats" word all over the rest of the label, staggering the locations, using a clear watermark ink.
  4. Brush the piece with chalk on a cotton ball. The chalk will stick to the watermark ink and bring out the word pattern. Choose a chalk color that corresponds to the graduate's lighter school color.

Roll a bill (or check) tightly and make a band of cardstock in the center to act as a diploma. Use a mini glue dot under the cardstock to hold it to the card. The graduate can slide the money out of the tube to remove it.

A personal message can be written inside the card itself. One nice thing about the Flip-up Flower die is that it is a pull tab pop-up, meaning it does not need to be built inside a card fold — it can be put anywhere on the project, including the front.

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