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Hello Friend Pop-Up Card

Project #13546

Lovely sentiments leap off the page. In addition to this project's interactive beauty, it's easy to create and positions your message powerfully.

Other Supplies: Cardstock, Patterned Paper, Chalk, Charm, Glitter, Ink, Sentiment

Cut cardstock to size and fold to form card base. Cut a wide band and a thin band of patterned paper to fit across the card inside and adhere. Print or stamp a sentiment onto cardstock, trim to size and adhere to the card along with a thin strip of patterned paper. Die-cut Poinsettias out of cardstock, fold petals to give dimension and embellish with glitter. Die-cut Leaves out of cardstock and embellish with ink. Adhere the flowers to the card. Die-cut the 3-D Raising Platform out of cardstock, fold along crease lines to assemble and attach to the card. Die-cut a Fancy Frame out of cardstock, embellish with chalk. Print or stamp a sentiment onto the center of the frame, layer the shapes and adhere to the Raising Platform as shown. Attach a charm inside the card. Finish by embellishing the card front as desired.

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