Hello Treat Caddy

Project #13598

It's hard to tell which one's the treat: the inside or the outside? Either way, this adorable container is sure to catch any eye with countless charming expressions, and of course, its rewarding contents.

Other Supplies: Cardstock, Patterned Paper, Paper Doily, Ribbon, Stamped Tag, Twine, Velvet Leaves

Die-cut a Caddy Bag out of double-sided patterned paper and fold along the crease lines to assemble. Feed twine through the holes in each corner of the Caddy and gather at the center and secure in place. Embellish the center of the Caddy with a paper doily, ribbon bow, stamped tag and velvet leaves. Die-cut several Vines out of cardstock and attach to the top of the Caddy. Die-cut a Butterfly out of cardstock and patterned paper, layer colors to assemble and attach to the Caddy.

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