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Project #13822

A little bird told us that you'd love this idea! It combines the best of the Susan's Garden collection with a unique format to help your creativity soar!

Other Supplies: Cardstock, Patterned Paper, Copic Markers, Crafter's Pick "The Ultimate" Glue, Ink, Paper-Covered Wire, Twine, Wooden Skewer (Optional), Woodland Scenics Pollen

  1. Add cardstock and patterned paper to mat board. Die-cut the Birdhouse out of mat board and distress with ink. You will need two house bases and three roof pieces to complete the project. Fold two Birdhouse bases along crease lines. Match the shapes and tape together on the inside to form the round shape. Apply glue dots or 1/8" tape on all tabs of the rounded support base. Bend tabs up and secure to the bottom of the Birdhouse.
  2. Fold three roof sections along crease lines. Match the shapes and tape together on the inside to form the roof. Apply a small bead of glue around the top of the Birdhouse and set roof section in place. Allow to dry according to the glue's directions. Fold the finial piece along crease lines. Use a small amount of glue or a glue dot to the tab to close it. Apply a small bead of glue to the inside point of the finial and place on top of the roof. If desired, cut a small wooden skewer and add to the Birdhouse above the opening for a perch.
  3. Die-cut the Flowering Quince out of appropriately colored cardstock. Cherry blossoms range in color from light pink to deep pink. Quince is in a rosy pink. Shape, pinch and bend each petal and cup the calyx (base). Using a small amount of glue, dip the stem ends of each of the five petals and set in place on the calyx. For the cherry, repeat this process to make a "double" blossom. Attach blossoms to a brown-paper-wrapped wire, available in the floral department of craft stores.
  4. Stamens are done in pale yellow to deep pink. Use a Copic marker in R59 to add color to the ends of the stamen. Make 1/8" cuts into the stamen, lengthwise. Use a toothpick to apply a small amount of glue to one end and roll up stamen to secure. Flare out the cuts. Add glue to the stamen ends using a toothpick and dip in Woodland Scenics Pollen. Dip the stamen base in glue and set in place in the center of the blossom. (View the Flowering Quince instructional PDF or video for more information.)
  5. Adhere the brown paper—wrapped wire with Flowers to the front of the Birdhouse to look like a branch.
  6. Die-cut a Fancy Oval Frame out of colored cardstock and punch a hole in the shape for hanging.
  7. Print a sentiment on cardstock and adhere inside the Frame and attach to the top of the Birdhouse using twine.

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