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Fairy with Pansy Dress

Project #13836

Take the prettiness of pansies and make your fairies truly memorable. With some help from the Susan's Garden collection for Sizzix, you can create your own magical garden presence.

Other Supplies: Cardstock, Patterned Paper, Fantasy Film, Brads, Copic Markers, Crafter's Pick "The Ultimate" Glue, Glitter, PanPastel Chalk, Viva Dcor Paper Pen

Add cardstock and patterned to mat board. Die-cut the Movable Garden Fairy out of mat board and her wings out of Fantasy Film. Stamp the Fairy body with one of the Garden Fairy stamps to add detail. Color body and head with markers and chalk. Die-cut Fairy feet out of cardstock, embellish with glitter and adhere to the legs. Assemble the Fairy Body using brads to connect pieces. Die-cut the Pansy petals and leaves out of appropriately colored heavyweight, smooth cardstock (80 lbs or more). Add color, manipulate and assemble pieces as shown in the die's instructional PDF or video. Attach the Pansy and leaves to the body to form a skirt. Cut additional petals and leaves and place in the Fairy's head for added embellishment.

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