Old-Fashioned Christmas Quilt

Project #13872

As beautiful and festive as this quilt is, imagine many of its versatile designs isolated onto matching pillows, tea towels or even a tree skirt.

Fabric Requirements:

YardageFabricCutting Instructions
Fat 1/4Gold checkCut (3) Light Bulbs*
Cut (5) Half-Square Triangles
Cut (2) Mitten Cuffs*
Fat 1/4Navy with polka-dotsCut (3) Light Bulbs
Cut (2) Mittens*
Cut (5) Half-Square Triangles
Cut (1) Sleigh*
Fat 1/4Light brownCut (3) Gingerbread Men*
Fat 1/4Dark brownCut (4) Reindeer*
Cut (6) Half-Square Triangles
Fat 1/4Red with polka-dotsCut (3) Light Bulbs*
Cut (2) Half-Square Triangles
Cut (6) Gingerbread Man heart buttons*
Cut (3) Candy Swirls*
Fat 1/4White-on-whiteCut (3) Circles*
Cut (3) Gingerbread Man Mouths*
Fat 1/4 Christmas printCut (3) Mugs*
5" x 5"Red printCut (3) beverage surfaces for inside Mug*
Fat 1/4Green plaidCut (3) Socks*
Cut (2) 1/2" wide Strips* on the bias for Light Bulb strand
Cut (12) Light Bulb sockets*
Cut (2) Half-Square Triangles
Fat 1/8Red checkCut (3) Heels*
Cut (3) Toes*
Cut (5) Half-Square Triangles
Fat 1/4Orange plaidCut (3) Light Bulbs*
Cut (2) Half-Square Triangles
2 ydBackground and border fabricsCut (5) 6" Squares
Cut (3) 9" Squares
Cut (3) 6" x 9" Rectangles
Cut (3) 9" x 12" Rectangles
Cut (1) 9" x 30" Rectangle
Cut (27) Half-Square Triangles
Cut (5) 6 1/2" wide Strips for outside border
1 ydBinding and border fabricsCut (8) 1 1/2" wide Strips for sashing and border
Cut (4) 2 1/2" wide Strips for binding
Cut (6) Gingerbread Man Eyes*
3 ydBacking fabric
65" x 65"Batting
2 yd Fusible adhesive


  • Finished Size: 56" x 56"
  • All seam allowances are 1/4" unless noted.
  • Fat 1/8 = approximately 9" x 22"
  • Fat 1/4 = approximately 18" x 21"
  • * = Adhere fusible adhesive to back of fabric before die-cutting the shapes.

Piecing the Quilt:

  1. Using the quilt image as a guide, lay out the appliqué shapes, Squares and Rectangles on a design wall or floor.
  2. Heat fuse the appliqué shapes to background Squares and Rectangles with an iron. Stitch around the shapes as desired.
  3. Sew a pair of light blue and colored Half-Square Triangles, right sides together, along the diagonal seam to form a square. Press towards the darker color. Repeat until all Half-Square Triangles are sewn together to form HST blocks.
  4. Sew HST blocks to Candy Swirl and Mitten blocks in row 1.
  5. Sew black sashing in between Gingerbread Man, Candy Swirl, Mitten and Mug blocks in row 1.
  6. Sew a 30" long black sashing Strip to the top and bottom of row 1.
  7. Sew HST blocks to to the Santa & Sleigh block in row 2.
  8. Bottom section of 6 blocks: Sew HST unit to left of Mug block.
  9. Add black sashing strip to top of the Sock block.
  10. Add HST blocks to the top of the Gingerbread Man block. Then add black 1 1/2" sashing strip to bottom.
  11. Sew HST blocks to side then top of the Candy Swirl block. Sew to the bottom of Gingerbread Man unit.
  12. Sew HST blocks to right side and bottom of Candy Swirl block. Then sew a black 1 1/2" sashing strip to the bottom of that block.
  13. Sew the Sock block to the Candy Swirl block.
  14. Add black 1 1/2" x 22 1/4" strips to the right side of the Sock and Mug blocks, then to the Candy Swirl and Sock block.
  15. Sew the six-block unit to the Santa and Sleigh block.
  16. Starting from the bottom up, sew the HST blocks to the Mitten block.
  17. Sew the HST blocks to the Mug block.
  18. Add black 1 1/2" strips to the top of each of the Mitten, Mug Gingerbread Man and Sock blocks. Now sew the Mitten to the Mug and the Mug to the Gingerbread Man, then to the Sock.
  19. Add black 1 1/2" strips to the right and left of the four-block unit.
  20. Measure in two places from the top of the quilt to the bottom. Add the two measurements together and divide by two. This is the median length of the side borders. Cut the border fabric to match this length.
  21. Do the same measuring across the quilt top for the side measurements. Cut the border fabric to match the average length and sew in place.
  22. For the outer blue border, cut (5) 6 1/2" strips. Use the same method of measuring as was done with the black border to find the side length and height. Sew side blue borders on first. Then sew the half 6 1/2" strip to a full length Strip to make enough fabric for the top and bottom 6 1/2" strips.
  23. Arrange the bias green 1/2" strips to form the light bulb strand. Arrange the light bulbs in a pleasing manner. Iron in place (when pressing the green 1/2" strip in place, stretch it slightly to make the curves smooth). Stitch around strands and lights to secure in place.


  1. Layer the backing, batting and quilt top. Quilt by hand or machine, as desired.
  2. Sew binding strips together to form one long strip. Fold wrong sides together, lengthwise, and press.
  3. With a 1/4" seam, sew the raw edges of the binding to the edges of the right side of the quilt. Turn the folded edge of the binding to the back side of the quilt and stitch in place by hand, mitering the corners.

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