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Butterfly Window Card

Project #14203

Create a birthday sentiment with flair. Anything is possible when you make the most of the many possibilities that Karen Burniston Snippets collection for Sizzix has to offer.


Other Supplies: Cardstock, Patterned Paper, Ink, Paint Pen, Printed Sentiment, Ribbon

Place the magnetic Pop 'n Cuts Butterfly Window Pop-Up 3-D inside the base die and align the center fold of the insert with the center of the base die and die-cut once from patterned paper and cardstock. Fold along the crease lines to bring the pop-up forward. Cut the Butterflies away from the patterned paper Card. Layer the cards together so that the cardstock is the card outside and Butterfly pop-up inside. Die-cut Edges out of polka dot patterned paper and adhere to Card front to cover opening. Die-cut Butterflies out of red patterned paper, embellish with white paint pen and attach to Card. Wrap a ribbon around the card front and through the opening above the Butterfly's wing and tie into a bow. Die-cut the border included on the base die out of cardstock, embellish with ink and attach inside the card. Print a sentiment onto cardstock, trim to size, embellish with ink and attach inside the card.

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