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Embellished Dress

Project #14280

Dress to impress with this with flower-embellished Dress. The die-cut organza flowers and crystals are an elegant way to express everything that's great about being a girl!

Fabric Requirements:

YardageFabricCutting Instructions
1/2 yd Solid tangerine organza Cut (20) Medium Flowers
Cut (2) Small Flowers
1/2 ydSheer tangerine organzaCut (4) Medium Flowers
Cut (2) Small Flowers
1Vintage button
Craft glue


  • All sewing is hand stitching.

Assembling the Project:

  1. Fold eight medium solid Flowers in half and then in half again, creating a triangular shape with the Flower center being a point.
  2. Arrange the eight folded Flowers with the folded points coming together in the center near the middle of the neckline to form one three-dimensional Flower. Hand stitch points to secure. Glue a vintage button to the center of the Flower.
  3. Working from the middle of the neckline toward the shoulder seam, continue adding each medium-sized Flower one at a time. Fold each Flower two times and secure each Flower point to the dress with hand stitching. For best results, alternate adding two medium solid Flowers with one medium sheer Flower.
  4. The last two Flowers on each end of the neckline should be the small Flowers.
  5. Finish by gluing crystals onto dress with craft glue.

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