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Light Blue Lace Rosette

Project #14410

Embrace the unique! This fan combines several decorative elements to create a most lovely design. And anybody can do it — all you need to get started is the Bigz XL Folding Fan Die.


Other Supplies: Cardstock, Patterned Paper, Clear Acetate, Button, Glitter, Hot-glue Gun, Ribbon

Die-cut four 3-D Folding Fans out of patterned paper and four more out of clear acetate. Fold along the crease lines to assemble. Trim away the points and swirls from the acetate fan. Feed ribbon through the holes at the bottom of the fans, gather and tie to hold the fan's ruffle. Apply glue to the seams where the fans meet to form a Rosette. Adhere acetate and patterned paper Rosettes together. Die-cut a Decorative Hearts border out of white cardstock and accordion fold to form a large frame and adhere to the acetate Rosette. Die-cut two different sizes of Rosettes out of patterned paper. Fold along the crease lines to assemble the Rosettes and embellish the edges of the larger Rosette with glitter and add a decorative button to the smaller Rosette. Attach the smaller Rosettes to the center of the larger Rosette.

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