Tattered Florals Lamp & Purse

Project #14502

Light up your life with vintage flower embellishments. They look great anywhere, especially on this lamp, and are sure to illuminate any room or décor!

For the Lamp:
Other Supplies: Lampshade, Mod Podge, Burlap, Buttons, Chipboard, Corrugated Cardboard, Dictionary Paper, Feathers, Ink, Lace, Netting, Paint, Patterned Paper, Pipe Cleaners

Apply Mod Podge to burlap and set aside to dry. Die-cut the Jumbo Tattered Florals out of corrugated cardboard, pages from a dictionary, netting, lace, patterned paper, and the painted burlap. Distress with paint and bend petals upward to add dimension. Layer the flower die-cuts and embellish the centers of the flowers with coiled piper cleaners and buttons. Die-cut the Garden Greens and Spring Greenery out of chipboard. Distress with ink. Adhere flowers and leaves to store-bought lampshade frame. Embellish with lace and feathers.

For the Purse:
Other Supplies: Beaded Handbag, Craft Metal, Feathers, Glitter Paper, Jewels, Netting

Die-cut the Jumbo Tattered Florals out of craft metal and glitter paper. Bend petals to add dimension. Layer flowers and embellish centers with jewels. Die-cut the Garden Greens out of cardstock. Adhere flowers and leaves to store-bought beaded handbag. Embellish with netting and feathers.

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