Modern Double Wedding Ring Wall Hanging

Project #14914

An antique design comes to life with a most modern appeal! For a contrast of colors and an economical use of fabric, this home décor project delivers all the dynamic details.

Fabric Requirements:

YardageFabricCutting Instructions
1 ydLight background printCut (4) DWR centers
Cut (9) DWR football shapes
1 1/2 ydAssorted gold printsCut (5) DWR end arch pieces
Cut (5) DWR end arch pieces reversed
Cut (15) DWR symmetrical arch pieces
Cut (24) DWR squares
Cut (7) DWR solid arch pieces
Cut (3) DWR football shapes
1 1/2 ydBacking fabricCut (1) 36" Square
Cut (4) 4" wide Strips x WOF for quilt facing
36" x 36"Batting


  • Finished Size: 30" x 30"
  • All seam allowances are 1/4" unless noted.
  • WOF = width of fabric
  • To make piecing the curved seams easier, find and mark the center of each of the curved seams. Match the centers and pin. Do the same with the ends. A few extra pins in between will hold everything in place while sewing the seam.

Piecing the Double Wedding Ring:

  1. Sew one end arch piece, three symmetrical arch pieces and one end piece reversed together to make an arch. Press. Repeat four more times for a total of five pieced arches.
  2. Using the quilt photo as a guide, lay out all the pieces on a design wall and rearrange until satisfied with the look of the quilt.
  3. Take an arch and sew to one side of a football-shaped background piece. Press. Repeat 11 more times.
  4. Add a second arch to the other side of the football-shaped background piece. Press. Repeat 11 more times.
  5. Sew the arches to the background centers. Two of the centers have four football shapes, and two have two adjacent football shapes.
  6. Place all the pieces back on the design wall. Sew the wall hanging together in rows. There will be two rows. Each row will have one center with four football shapes and one center with two adjacent shapes. Pin well and press.
  7. Sew the rows together to finish the top. Again, pin well and press.


  1. Layer the backing, batting and quilt top. Quilt by hand or machine, as desired. Carefully trim away the excess batting and backing.
  2. Press a 1/4" hem to the wrong side of each of the 4" x WOF strips. Edge stitch the hem.
  3. Place a 4" hemmed strip right side up on a table. Place the quilted double wedding ring right side down on top of it so the raw edges of the outside of the curves match up with the raw edge of the strip. Pin all along the long curved edge of the quilted runner. Sew a 1/4" away from the curved edge. Trim the excess fabric from the strip and clip the seams at the inside corners.
  4. Repeat with the second 4" long hemmed strip on the opposite side of the wall hanging. Then add the last two 4" hemmed strips on the remaining sides of the wall hanging.
  5. Turn the strips to the back of the runner. You have just made a facing to finish the edge of the piece. Carefully press and make sure the seam between the front and the facing is right on the fold. Pin the hemmed edge of the facing in place on the back and hand tack it down.

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