Kid Giddy Boy Doll

Project #15584

Make a lifetime of memories in a matter of minutes! This charming doll can be personalized with unique outfits and accents from meaningful fabrics that make all the difference.

Fabric Requirements:

YardageFabricCutting Instructions
Fat 1/4Flesh-colored fabricCut (2) Doll heads
Cut (4) Doll arms*
Cut (4) Doll legs
Fat 1/8Green plaid fabricCut (2) Doll bodies
Cut (2) Doll arms*
Fat 1/4Gray solid fabric (4) Doll legs
1 sheetYellow wool blendCut (2) Doll heads for hair
1 sheetGreen woolCut (1) Doll pocket
Cut (1) Doll tie
1 1/2" x 1 1/2"White solid fabric (handkerchief for pocket)
1 packagePolyester fiberfill
Embroidery floss
Washable glue


  • All seam allowances are 1/4" unless noted.
  • Fat 1/8 = approximately 9" x 22"
  • Fat 1/4 = approximately 18" x 22"
  • * = see step 1 for cutting instructions.

Piecing the Project:

  1. Sew a small piece of shirt fabric to the skin fabric, right sides together (length of both fabrics will depend on if you prefer short sleeves or long sleeves). Press seam open, lay front and back arm pieces onto the Doll die (matching seams) and roll through the machine to die-cut arms (Fig. 1a).
  2. Place two arm pieces right sides together, match shirt seams and sew along the edge all the way around, making sure to lock in the stitches at the beginning and end. Repeat for the other arm (Fig. 1a).
  3. Cut off the foot of the pant fabrics. Fold and topstitch a small 1/4" hem on the end of a long piece of pant fabric. Lay each pant fabric piece right side up on top of each leg piece.
  4. Place two leg/pant pieces right sides together and sew along the edge all the way around, making sure to lock in the stitches at the beginning and end. Repeat for the other leg (Fig. 1b).
  5. Clip the inward curves and notch the outward curves on both arms and legs (Fig. 1b). Turn all arms and legs right side out. Gently stuff them to desired firmness and set aside.
  6. Repeat step 1 for the front and back body pieces (Fig. 2).
  7. Determine which accessory pieces the doll will have and glue baste these pieces to prevent shifting while topstitching. If adding a pocket, fold a 1/4" single hem on the top edge and topstitch (Fig. 3).
  8. Place the "belt" across the shirt/pant seam on the front and back body panels. Place the belt on the right side of the fabric using washable glue and lightly press with an iron. Place the tie next and then the pocket (do not sew the top of the pocket closed) (Fig. 4). (Tip: If you are using felt or other materials for the accessory pieces, glue pieces right side up to the right side of fabric, flip the entire piece over and press on the wrong side that is only cotton to prevent scorching or other issues.)
  9. Cut out two pieces from the head shape for the hair and cut the desired hair shape for the front and a simple curve for the back just above the neck. Topstitch along the front hairline and lower curve on the back (Fig. 4).
  10. Place the front and back head pieces right sides together and sew from one corner of the neck up and around the head to the other, leaving the bottom open to attach to the body (Fig. 5).
  11. Place the two body pieces right sides together and sew both sides, leaving open the neck and bottom (Fig. 5).
  12. Pin and sew the arms to the sides of the neck on the head (Fig. 6 inset). This will make it easier to attach the head to the body. (Tip: If you turn the head right side out and have the face right side up, place the arms so you can see the thumbs facing up as well.)
  13. Place the body piece wrong sides facing upright so you can see the accessory stitching on the front and place the head and arms through the opening (Fig. 6). Face and thumbs are still facing upwards.
  14. Line up the neckline seams on the head to the neckline seams on the body and sew all the way around.
  15. Turn the head inside out to clip/notch all of the head and body seams. Clip inward curves and notch outward curves (see Fig. 1 for example).
  16. Line up the bottom edge and sew approximately 1 1/2" of the bottom edge at both corners (Fig. 7), leaving an opening in the center. Turn right side out.
  17. Flip the legs over the front of the body and line up the flat raw edge of the legs to the bottom raw edge of the body to attach (Fig. 7).
  18. Stuff the head and then the body.
  19. Once the doll is sufficiently stuffed, close the bottom with a ladder stitch (Fig. 8).
  20. Use embroidery floss knots for eyes or something else of your own choice. Fold a small white scrap of fabric to tuck into the front pocket as a handkerchief.

  • Fig. 1a

  • Fig. 1b

  • Fig. 2

  • Fig. 3

  • Fig. 4

  • Fig. 5

  • Fig. 6

  • Fig. 7

  • Fig. 8

  • Fig. 9

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