Recipe Card Holder

Project #15599

What's on the menu? Imagine the messages, recipes and other delightful notes you can create and place into each desk tidying caddy...enough to satisfy any creative appetite!

Other Supplies: Gray Desk Tidy, Mount Board, Cardstock, Patterned Paper, Double-Sided Tape, Pegs (Clothespins), PVA, Self-Adhesive Diamond Effect Gems, Self-Adhesive Foam Pads, String

  1. Cover half of the front of your desk tidy with a band of peach cardstock, trimmed to size and attached with double-sided tape. Decorate the edge with a die-cut scalloped edge created using the border die from the Christmas Trims Set.
  2. Attach turquoise cardstock to mount board with PVA. Die-cut the letters required and attach using a combination of PVA and foam pads to add dimension.
  3. Decorate rectangles of cream cardstock with letters die-cut from the Wanted Alphabet.
  4. Attach a band of patterned paper and a strip of gray cardstock to the decorated cream cards.
  5. Cut more cream cardstock rectangles and use pegs covered in peach cardstock to attach them. Decorate the pegs with die-cut Flowers embellished with diamond-effect self-adhesive gems, then tie with string.

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