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Hanging Bird Decoration

Project #15622

Welcome nature indoors with this idea that you can use for a gift or centerpiece arrangement. The instructions below teach you how to create this summer display in just a few steps.

Other Supplies: Various Colours of Felt, Needle and Coordinating Thread, Wadding, Felt Cord, Ribbon, 15cm Twig, 3mm and 1mm Gauge Wire, Hot-Glue Gun

  1. Bend the thicker wire around the end of the twig and then create a loop bent into a heart shape as shown before bringing the wire back around and securing by twisting around the other end of the twig.
  2. Use the hot-glue gun to fix one end of the felt cord to the base of the wire where it is attached to the twig. When the glue has set, wrap the cord tightly around the wire to cover it completely and secure the end again using hot glue.
  3. Die-cut double layers of Flowers from felt using the Flower Layers & Leaves and stitch around the edge of each pair, leaving a gap for turning through.
  4. Turn through each of the Flowers before stuffing and stitching the opening. Stitch Flower centres die-cut from felt onto each of your Flowers.
  5. Die-cut the Leaves and then attach, along with the Flowers, to the project with hot glue.
  6. Die-cut the Bird shape from two layers of pink felt and stitch together, leaving a gap for turning through. Turn through and fill with wadding before stitching the opening closed.
  7. Embroider an eye using a simple running stitch and then appliqu the wing into position as indicated.
  8. Poke the thin wire through the base of the Bird and then back through, leaving 1cm between the entrance and exit points.
  9. When you are happy with the length of the Bird's legs, trim accordingly, taking into account how much width is required to secure to the twig.
  10. Twist the ends of the Bird's legs around the twig tightly to secure and then complete the decoration by attaching a large gingham ribbon.

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