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Here Comes the Sun Frame

Project #15624

Infuse your next décor project with lovely inspiration from the Essentials collection. Follow the instructions below to create this delightful home accessory.

Other Supplies: White Frame, Mount Board, Cardstock, Patterned Paper, White Cord, Hot-Glue Gun, Double-Sided Tape, PVA, Self-Adhesive Foam Pads, Small Self-Adhesive Diamond Gems

  1. Dismantle the white frame and discard the glass before using double-sided tape to attach a rectangle of yellow cardstock to the back as shown.
  2. Die-cut a green swirly using the Christmas Trims Set. Attach with PVA onto the edge of a rectangle of spotty paper the same length as the back board and approximately a quarter of the height. Use a scissors to trim away any excess and then use double-sided tape to stick this in place.
  3. Using a combination of the Antiqua and Wanted alphabets, create the lettering required and then stick these into position using PVA.
  4. Attach a combination of plain and patterned paper to mount board with PVA and then die-cut these into Flower shapes using the Bigz Flower Layers and Leaves die. Attach these into position with foam pads, using two or three layers on some of the elements to create depth.
  5. Trim several die-cut Rectangles to create banners and then attach these to a length of white cord using a glue gun. Attach the cord ends to the frame again using the hot-glue gun.
  6. Complete your frame by decorating the banners with self-adhesive gems.

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