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Owl Embroidery Hoop

Project #16015

Wondering how to give a simple embroidery hoop that little extra something? With one Sizzix Bigz die, you can turn any piece of home décor into something special.


Other Supplies: Embroidery Hoop, Cotton Fabric, Embroidery Thread — Dark Grey, Fusible Adhesive, Iron, Vanishing Fabric Marker Pen

  1. Apply iron-on adhesive to the reverse of patterned grey fabric, adhering to the manufacturer's instructions and then trim a slightly curved shape as indicated and then peel off the backing paper before adhering into position onto a piece of plain grey fabric.
  2. Use the Bigz Owl #2 die to die-cut the Owl parts from various shades of fabric that have been backed with iron-on adhesive. Peel off the backing paper and then arrange as indicated before fixing into position with the iron.
  3. Fix your design onto the embroidery hoop and make as taut as possible before tightening.
  4. Using a needle and thread, sew a simple running stitch to highlight the owl's features.
  5. Practicing on paper first, use a vanishing fabric pen to write the phrase indicated, leaving a space for the heart. Fix the die-cut heart into position using an iron as before. Carefully hand stitch over the pen line and inside the heart as indicated.

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