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Leather Hex Pillow

Project #16048

Style your pillows with patterns! In just a few fast steps, you can easily transform fabric into amazing accents. Follow the instructions for an unforgettable pattern and a cherished creation to enhance any setting.

Fabric Requirements:

YardageFabricCutting Instructions
19" x 19"Black and cream woolCut (1) 18" Square for the pillow front
Fat 1/4Black solidCut (1) 17" Square for the pillow back
1/4 ydBlack leatherCut (11) Hexagons with 1" sides
Cut (19) Hexagons with 1 1/2" sides
19" x 19"Low loft battingCut (1) 18" Square
116" square pillow form
1Glue stick
1 spoolBlack thread


  • Finished Size: 16" x 16"
  • All seam allowances are 1/4" unless noted.
  • Fat 1/4 = approximately 18" x 21"

Assembling the Project:

  1. Press the background into fourths to find the center. This will help in laying out the Hexagons.
  2. Arrange 1 1/2" Hexagons to form a larger Hexagon. When happy with the placement, dot the suede side of the leather with glue and adhere in place. (Using pins is not recommended, as it leaves a hole in the leather.)
  3. Arrange the 1" Hexagons on top of the 1 1/2" Hexagons, suede side up. Place a dot of glue on the shiny side of the 1" Hexagon and adhere in place.


  1. Layer the batting with the pillow top and quilt as desired. With a long ruler, trim off the excess fabric to square up the pillow top to a 17" square.
  2. Layer the pillow top and pillow back, right sides together. Pin and sew with 1/2" seam allowance, leaving an opening approximately 8" long to insert pillow form.
  3. Clip excess fabric in the corners on the diagonal. Turn right side out, insert the pillow form and whipstitch closed.

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