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Bird Lampshade

Project #16417

Dress up your favourite lampshade with a fine feathered die-cut shapes. Follow the step-by-step instructions below to make this colourful DIY project come to life.

Other Supplies: Lamp, White lampshade, Fabric, Pom-pom trim, Glue gun, Black thread and needle, Button, Iron-on fabric adhesive

  1. Use a hot glue gun to attach a length of pom-pom trim to the bottom edge of the lamp shade.
  2. Iron on fabric adhesive to the reverse of your chosen fabrics and then die-cut the large bird shape twice from different-coloured fabric. Trim a breast section by drawing around a saucer or similar. Fuse these two shapes together using an iron and then use an iron to gently fuse these shapes to the lampshade. Add a beak.
  3. Use the wing shape on the die to create small birds, again cutting two shapes and trimming to create a breast. Attach the small birds as indicated using the iron.
  4. Carefully stitch around the bird shapes using black thread and stitch legs onto all three birds.
  5. Complete the lampshade by adding a button for the eye.

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