Love You Cushion Cover

Project #16418

Get ready to fall in love. With some fabulous fabrics and Bigz dies from our Essentials collection, you can add your unique lovely style to just about anything.

Other Supplies: Cream cushion, Colored felt, Iron-on fabric adhesive, Glue gun

  1. Apply iron-on adhesive to the reverse of your chosen colored felt selection, with the exception of the felt being used for the 3-D Flower.
  2. Die-cut lettering. Following the manufacturer's instructions, fuse these to the cushion using an iron.
  3. Die-cut the foliage and position this onto the cushion; trim if necessary. When you are happy with the layout, fix into position as before.
  4. Die-cut two of the 3-D Flowers and spiral before securing the base with a hot glue gun. Adhere into position, again using a hot glue gun to complete your cushion.

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