Wedding Cake

Project #16433

Serve up your style with this deliciously themed project. Let the Sizzix Essentials Collection fill your imagination with yummy project ideas for all the special occasions in your life.

Other Supplies: Assorted Cardstock, Wired Pearl Embellishments, Large Ball-End Stylus and Soft Foam Mat, Ivory Pearl Hat Pins, Three-Tier Iced Wedding Cake and Gold Base

  1. For the large and medium rose, die-cut several of the large and medium-sized Flowers on the Flower Layers die from cardstock.
  2. To create the large and medium roses, use a ball-end stylus and foam mat to soften the cardstock and bend back the tips of the petals using your fingertips.
  3. Use scissors to snip from between one of the petals to the center of the Flower.
  4. Using tweezers, grip one edge of the cut you have just made and roll the tweezers all the way around the shape before securing with a glue gun. This will form the center of your bloom. Die-cut and attach more Flowers around the center until you achieve the size of bloom that you require.
  5. For the smaller roses, die-cut several spiral Flowers from your chosen shades of cardstock.
  6. To create the smaller roses, grip the end of one of the die-cut spiral Flowers with tweezers and roll it towards the center. Allow the Flower to relax slightly and secure with a blob of hot glue. Use tweezers to curl back the outer petals to form a more natural-looking bloom.
  7. Once you have all the Flowers you require, die-cut several sets of green leaves before adding form and dimension using the stylus and foam mat.
  8. Insert a long pearl hat pin into the center of each large and medium Flower and use the flowers to secure the foliage to the cake, adding wired pearl embellishments where required.
  9. Once the Flowers and foliage are in place, attach the smaller Flowers to the foliage using a glue gun.

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