Wool Stocking

Project #16649

Celebrate the holidays your way! It's easy when you decorate a stocking with your favorite die-cuts. For a shorter sport sock length (vs. a knee high sock), place your fabric on half the length and create.

Fabric Requirements:

YardageFabricCutting Instructions
(2) 6" x 10 1/2"White woolCut (2) Stockings and hanger
ScrapsWhite woolCut (6) 3/8" Circles
ScrapsWhite woolCut (9) 1/8" Circles
3" x 6"Yellow woolCut (1) cuff
2" x 2"Yellow woolCut (1) small Flower
3 1/2" x 4"Green woolCut (1) toe
3" x 3"Green woolCut (1) Leaf, cut in half
3 1/2" x 8"Red woolCut (2) daisies
1" x 14"Red woolCut (1) hanger for stripe, cut into three pieces
ScrapsRed woolCut (3) 3/8" Circles
ScrapDark gold woolCut (1) 3/4" Circle


  • Finished Size: 5 x 9 3/4"
  • Unless indicated otherwise, all stitching is with one strand of embroidery floss.
  • Cut the red hanger strip into three pieces to match the cuff size.

Assembling the Project:

  1. On the front of the Stocking, layer the Leaves, red Flowers, and yellow Flower. Hold shapes in place with glue baste.
  2. Back stitch down the center of the Leaves with green floss.
  3. Stitch through each of the yellow petals with a running stitch, catching all layers.
  4. Lay a dark gold circle in the center of the Flower and stitch in place with a star stitch and two strands of yellow floss, going through all layers. The edges of the red Flower are not stitched down.
  5. Lay the red stripes on the yellow cuff and whipstitch with red floss.
  6. Add the small circles to the stripes and stitch over the top.
  7. Attach the cuff to the Stocking. Whipstitch with yellow floss.
  8. Attach the toe to the cuff. Whipstitch with green floss.
  9. Add the small red circles to the toe and star stitch with yellow floss.
  10. Scatter the white circles around the Flower and star stitch with white thread.
  11. With two strands of floss, blanket stitch across the top of the cuff using yellow floss.
  12. Blanket stitch across the top of the backing cuff with two strands of white floss.
  13. Put the front and back together. Blanket stitch with two strands of floss, changing colors to match the body, cuff and toe.
  14. Fold the hanger in half and stitch inside the cuff on one side. Tie the ends together.

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