Butterfly Lanterns #3

Project #16729

One look at this stunning Butterfly Lantern design and it’s hard to believe it was done with die-cuts! Many unique possibilities like this await you with Sizzix Thinlits, the dies that create some of our most detailed shapes yet.

Other Supplies: Plain Pink, Purple and Cream Cardstock, Craft Knife, Double-sided Tape, PVA Glue

  1. Using the lantern detailing and the handle from the die set, die-cut two lanterns and two handles out of the pink cardstock.
  2. Fold along the crease lines of both lantern pieces, add double-sided tape to the folded tabs and start to form your lantern structure. Once the lantern has taken shape, add a little strip of double-sided tape to both ends of the handle and attach to the inside of the lantern, creating a looped handle.
  3. Using the purple cardstock, die-cut the plain butterfly and the flower flourish.
  4. Die-cut the flower flourish out of cream cardstock and the detailed butterfly out of pink cardstock.
  5. Place a bit of PVA glue to the centre of the purple die-cut butterfly and secure the pink detailed butterfly in place, leaving the wings un-glued to create a 3-D fluttering butterfly effect.
  6. Using a craft knife carefully cut out the flower from the purple flourish die-cut in step 3. Once the flower is cut out add some PVA glue and secure onto the cream die-cut flourish from step 4. This will create a subtle colour combination similar to the butterfly detailing.
  7. The final step is to attach the butterfly and flourish detailing in place using PVA glue. 

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