Circle Magic Cushion

Project #16732

This beauty took only one die to create! Sizzix dies create many unique possibilities to express your inspired handmade charm.


  • (1) 20" Square Cushion Cover
  • (1) 20" Square Cushion Pad
  • (9) Assorted coloured fabric of your choice (approximately 10cm x 15cm each)
  • (1) Plain backing fabric (approximately 1/4 metre)


  • All seams are 6mm (1/4") unless otherwise stated.

How to Make:

  1. Cut out all your coloured fabric into oval shapes. Cut the same number of shapes from your backing fabric. Depending on the variety of colours you use and the colour of the cushion you’re covering, choose a backing fabric that will complement and enhance the colours you have chosen.
  2. Pair up and pin each oval with a piece of plain backing fabric.
  3. Stitch around the entire edge of each oval with right sides together.
  4. Trim the points of the oval and snip at intervals all the way round the seam allowance.
  5. Carefully pinch the backing fabric so you can make a snip with sharp scissors. Once the initial cut has been made, widen it to about 5cm long.
  6. Turn the oval right sight out using the opening you have created, using a chop stick or similar to carefully push out the points for a crisp neat edge. Iron each oval to hold the crisp edges in place.
  7. Arrange the ovals outwards from the centre of the cushion cover. It can be helpful to fold the cushion cover into quarters to find the exact centre before you start placing the shapes as shown or create your own arrangement. Once happy with your arrangement, carefully pin each oval in place, starting from the centre out.
  8. Stitch the ovals in place by hand or machine, using a blanket stitch.
  9. Trim any loose threads and fill your cushion. 

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