Stenciled Bowl

Project #16762

Make something extraordinary from your everyday items. It's so simple to create this Stenciled Bowl with Sizzix and a touch of your creativity.

Other Supplies: Colored Straight Edged Bowl, Ceramic Paint, Craft Knife, Sponge, Spray Adhesive, Stencil Paper

  1. Die-cut the flower center element from the Mix & Match Flower set using stencil paper. Discard the actual die-cut shape and then apply a small layer of spray adhesive to the negative space. Starting in the center of the bowl side stick the design into position.
  2. Repeat until you have gone all the way around the bowl, adjusting if the spacing is not equal.
  3. Use a piece of kitchen paper to dab away the excess paint, apply a thin layer of ceramic paint to bowl. Build up the density of the paint by allowing the layers to dry between additional applications.
  4. When you are happy with the density, peel away the stencil paper.
  5. If you have some areas where the paint as leaked behind the stencil paper, simply scrape this away with a sharp craft knife.

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