Bulldog Softie

Project #17471

For the softie in all of us comes this Bulldog Softie. Created with cotton, this project offers the pawfect decorative possibilities!

Fabric Requirements:

YardageFabricCutting Instructions
Fat 1/4Black solidCut (2) back heads
Cut (2) front faces
Cut (2) bodies
Cut (8) legs
Cut (4) round foot pads
Cut (2) ears
Cut (2) tails
10" x 10" White solid Cut (2) lips
Cut (1) nose
Cut (1) chin
Cut (2) ears
Cut (2) bellies
Embroidery floss, wool felt or safety eyes
1 bagPolyester fiberfill


  • Finished Size: 9 1/2" x 9"
  • All seam allowances are 1/4" unless noted.
  • Press all fabrics prior to cutting.
  • Lock in stitches when beginning and ending each stitch to keep seams from coming undone unless otherwise noted.

Piecing the Project:

  1. Sew both ears and the tail by placing two like pieces right sides together, leaving the bases open.
  2. Clip and notch all curves, and turn right side out. See Fig. 1.
  3. Sew the two back head pieces right sides together. See Fig. 2.
  4. Fold the face pieces to sew the darts right side together, starting on the edge at 1/4" and narrowing to a point. See Fig. 3.
  5. Place the face pieces right sides together, aligning the longest straight raw edge, and sew together. See Fig. 3.
  6. Make a black nose (optional) by placing a black scrap of fabric right side up and the nose piece right side down. Sew a straight line across the top of the nose from the dart opening on one side to the other. Turn the nose piece over, press the black fabric and then trim off excess using the original shape of the nose. Trim off excess seam allowance. See Fig. 4.
  7. Make the muzzle by placing one lip piece face down on top of the nose piece. Sew from 1/4" in the center of the nose all the way to the end. See Fig. 5a.
  8. Fold the lip piece out of the way. See Fig. 5b.
  9. Place and sew the other lip piece on the other side of the nose in the same way as step 6. See Fig. 5c.
  10. Fold the nose piece in half, placing both lip pieces right sides together to sew the small center seam from the bottom up to the nose. See Fig. 5d. Unfold the pieces. See Fig. 5e.
  11. Sew the two sides of the nose piece to the top edge of the lip pieces following the curve of the nose sides. Place right sides together, and start approximately 1/4" above the dart of the nose piece all the way down to the bottom, repeating on the other side. See Fig. 5f.
  12. Fold the chin piece in half lengthwise to find the center point on the curved edge. See Fig. 6.
  13. Place the chin piece right side up and the lip/nose piece right side down, lining up the center point of the chin with the center lip seam, and pin in place.
  14. Starting in the center, pin the lip edges around the chin edge, and sew in place making sure the lip piece ends evenly on both sides of the chin. See Fig. 6. (Tip: The muzzle pieces will not reach the bottom of the chin piece.)
  15. Find the center of the muzzle piece just up above the nose, and pin it right sides together to the center seam of the face pieces.
  16. Pin both sides of the face piece to the outer edge of the muzzle, all the way down to the base of the chin, and sew in place. See Fig. 7. (Tip: If sewing on embroidered or wool eyes, or if using safety eyes, add them now before proceeding.)
  17. Pin the ears onto the front of the head, placing the ears front faced down, with the raw edge along the top curve of the face pieces. The inside corner of the ear should be placed approximately 3/4" away from the center seam. See Fig. 8.
  18. Pin the top center seam of the back of the head to the top center seam of the front of the head, with right sides together. Then line up and pin the bottom corners of the neck edge together.
  19. Continue pinning the front of the head to the back of the head, sewing both together from one bottom corner to the other. See Fig. 9. Set the head aside to sew the French Bulldog body.
  20. Add embroidered, wool or safety eyes as desired.
  21. Put the two body pieces right sides together, and sew the top (spine) seam from the neck to the tail end. See Fig. 10.
  22. Place the two belly pieces right sides together. Sew the fairly straight edge, starting at one end all the way to the other leaving 2−3" open for turning and stuffing. See Fig. 10.
  23. Open the sewn belly piece right side up to lay four leg pieces right side down. Be sure the curved front of the foot is pointing upward toward the neck and the straighter edge faces towards the tail. See Fig. 11.
  24. Pin leg ends center to center. Once pinned, sew the top edge of each leg piece along the leg curves. See Fig. 11. Repeat steps 22 and 23 to sew the inside bottom legs.
  25. Pin the tail centered on the seam end of the belly pieces. See Fig. 11.
  26. Pin the body pieces to the belly pieces to line up the outer leg pieces. See Fig. 12.
  27. Pin the outer leg pieces, making sure to pin them so the front of the foot will face forward. See Fig. 12.
  28. Remove the pins from the body and the belly to sew the outer leg pieces in place.
  29. Line up each seam and each foot to pin the body, belly and all of the legs together. See Fig. 13.
  30. Sew one side of the French Bulldog from the neck, down the front edge of the front leg. See Fig. 13.
  31. Sew the back of the front leg starting at the bottom, leaving the flat end of the leg open, across the side of the belly and down the front of the back leg. See Fig. 13.
  32. Sew the back of the back leg starting at the bottom, leaving the flat end of the leg open, sewing up to the top of the tail. See Fig. 13.
  33. Repeat steps 29−31 to sew the other side of the French Bulldog. See Fig. 13.
  34. Turn the head right side out and place it into the neck opening of the body, lining up raw edges. (If the back of the dog is right side up, the back of the head should also face right side up.) See Fig. 14.
  35. Line up and pin the chin seams on the head to the belly seams on the body, and pin the back of the neck seam to the center of the back body seam.
  36. Pin the neck and body all the way around, and then sew in place. See Fig. 15.
  37. Fold the paw pieces in quarters, press and crease.
  38. Pin the paws to the bottom of each leg, with the front and back of each paw crease lined up with the front and back leg seams.
  39. Hand or machine sew the paws to the bottom of each leg. See Fig. 15.
  40. Carefully clip and notch all inside and outside curves, and turn the French Bulldog right side out.
  41. Stuff the head first and then the legs and body to desired fullness, and close with a ladder stitch.

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