Jam Jars

Project #17518
No need to admire these jars from afar. You can easily personalize this project with your own colors and themes. Just follow the simple instructions to make your treats tantalizing.

Other Supplies: Assorted Cardstock, Kraft Cardstock, Black Fine Line Pen, Double-Sided Tape, Fabric Remnants, Hole Punch, Jam Jars, Ribbon, Scissors or Pinking Shears, String

  1. The fabric measurements will depend on the size of your chosen jar. Find a plate or saucer that measures approximately 6cm larger than the diameter of your jar lid to use as a template. Use a pencil to trace around the plate or saucer onto the fabric. Then cut along the pencil line using scissors or pinking shears.
  2. Place the fabric on the top of each jar, and secure in place by wrapping string around the lid. Tie the string with a double knot. If you struggle to keep the fabric in position as you tie the string, use a small amount of double-sided tape to keep the fabric in place.
  3. Each jar has been decorated using die-cut tags, hearts or layered scalloped and regular circles. You can make a tag from most shapes by making a hole at the edge of the shape using a hole punch.
  4. Write on your tags, and then secure into position by threading the string through the hole and tying into a rustic bow.

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