Around the Garden Wall Hanging

Project #17900

Don’t leave summer out in the garden. Create this pretty floral tribute for your home with the Bigz L Garden Party Die Set from Sizzix.

Fabric Requirements:

Yardage FabricInstructions
13" x 16"Bright blue woolCut (2) circle scallops
Cut (1) stocking hanger
3" x 4"Gold woolCut (1) bee hive
1 1/2" x 2 1/2"Black woolCut (1) bee hive hole
1 1/2" x 1 1/2"Red woolCut (1) heart
3" x 4"Green woolCut (2) curved stems
Cut (1) straight stem
Cut (3) large leaves
Cut (2) small leaves
Cut (2) flower bases
(12) 2" x 2"Assorted scrapsCut (2) lily flowers
Cut (2) daisy flowers
Cut (2) daisy flower centers
Cut (3) small flowers
Cut (3) small flower centers
Assorted embroidery floss
Glue baste


  • Finished Size: 6" x 6"
  • Unless indicated otherwise, all stitching is with one strand of embroidery floss.

Assembling the Project:

  1. Working with the top scallop, place the bee hive to the right of center, 3/4" from the bottom scallop. Use one strand of gold floss, and whipstitch the edges.
  2. Add the bee hive hole to the center of the hive, and whipstitch with gold floss.
  3. Center the heart over the hole, and stitch with red floss, using a large X.
  4. Layout the stems, leaves and flowers in a pleasing manner around the bee hive, keeping 3/4" from the edge. Use glue baste to hold in place.
  5. Using bright green floss, overcast the stems. Use a whipstitch to anchor the flower base to the flower, and make a running stitch through the center of each leaf.
  6. Use gold floss to whipstitch the lily flowers. Make a large X in each center of the daisy flowers. The flowers are loose.
  7. Use a small red X stitch to anchor the centers to the small flowers. The flowers are loose.
  8. Put the front and back scallop pieces together, aligning the scallops so they match.
  9. With two strands of gold floss and a running stitch, sew the front to the back, just above the scalloped edge, continuing around the piece in a circular fashion.
  10. Fold the hanger in half, overlapping the ends. Anchor the ends to the middle of the back piece, 3/4" from the scalloped edge. Don’t stitch through to the front. Hide the knots inside.
  11. Press carefully, and hang on a doorknob or peg.

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