Love It Heart Shaker Notebook

Project #18052

What's not to love? From its artful edges to its dazzling designs that were cut and embossed in one easy step, this is what creativity is all about!

Other Supplies: Gold Cardstock, Turquoise Glitter Paper, Acetate, Adhesive Foam Tape, Double-Sided Adhesive, Heart Washi Tape, Journal, Sequins, Turquoise Ribbon, Wet Adhesive

  1. Cut a 4 1/4" x 5 1/2" piece of a light pink Brite-ons Paper Sheet, and cut and emboss with the Bohemian Heart folder. Adhere a small acetate panel to the back of the heart cutout with double-sided adhesive.
  2. Attach adhesive foam tape around the edges of the acetate panel to create a cavity. Sprinkle sequins into the cavity. Using double-sided adhesive, adhere gold cardstock over the open cavity, creating a shaker card effect.
  3. Die-cut the Love It phrase from a light pink Brite-ons Paper Sheet and turquoise glitter paper. Adhere the two phrases to the acetate panel with wet adhesive, slightly offsetting the blue die-cut phrase under the pink die-cut phrase.
  4. Adhere the layered embossed panel to a slightly larger piece of turquoise glitter paper with adhesive foam tape for dimension.
  5. Wrap a length of turquoise ribbon around the top portion of the layered embossed panel and turquoise cardstock. Trim off excess.
  6. Die-cut the All phrase from a light pink Brite-ons Paper Sheet. Adhere the phrase to a small piece of turquoise glitter paper with wet adhesive. Hand cut the turquoise glitter paper into a pennant shape. Attach a thin strip of heart washi tape to the pennant. Adhere the pennant to gold cardstock with double-sided adhesive, and hand cut the gold cardstock into a slightly larger pennant shape.
  7. Adhere the layered pennant to the bottom right corner of the layered turquoise cardstock with adhesive foam tape for dimension.
  8. Wrap heart washi tape around the top and bottom edges of a journal, and trim off excess.
  9. Adhere the layered turquoise cardstock to the front of the journal with double-sided adhesive.

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