Dresden Flower Pillow

Project #18087

The classics never go out of style! With Sizzix Bigz dies, it’s easier than ever to put your own spin on traditional quilting patterns.

Fabric Requirements:

Yardage FabricInstructions
(9) Fat 1/4Assorted printsCut (20) Dresden Plates at 5" for flower petals
Cut (14) 2" x 5" Strips
1/2 ydWhiteCut (1) 16 1/2" square for the pillow front
Cut (1) 4" Circle
Fat 1/4 Blue floral printCut (1) 16 1/2" square for the pillow back
5" x 5"Nonwoven fusible interfacingCut (1) 4" Circle
20" x 20" Batting
2 ydCording
1 bagPolyester fiberfill


  • Finished Size: 16" x 16"
  • All seam allowances are 1/4" unless noted.
  • Fat 1/4 = approximately 18" x 22"

Piecing the Pillow Top:

  1. Sew 20 petals together into a flower shape. Press the seams open.
  2. Place the 4" white and nonwoven fusible interfacing Circles right sides together, and sew along the edge. Notch the outside within the seam allowances. Clip a 2" hole in the center of the nonwoven fusible interfacing Circle. Turn right side out. Press.
  3. Pin flower and flower center as desired into the 16" square pillow front, and stitch down by hand or machine using a zigzag or satin stitch.
  4. Layer the batting and pillow top. Quilt by hand or machine as desired.

Making the Piping:

  1. Sew 13 2" x 5" Strips together, creating one long 2" Strip.
  2. Place the piping down the middle of the Strip and fold over, lining up the edges.
  3. Stitch the 2" ends together of the floral print Strips with a zipper foot, baste close to the cording.


  1. Baste stitch the piping along the perimeter of the pillow front.
  2. Layer the pillow top and pillow back, right sides together. Pin and sew with a 1/2" seam allowance, leaving an opening approximately 4" long to stuff.
  3. Clip excess fabric in the corners on the diagonal. Turn right side out, stuff the pillow to desired loft and whipstitch closed.

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