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Baby Shower Rattle Card

Project #1824

From baby shower decorations to cards, scrapbook pages and more, the Sizzix eclips Machine and Baby Milestones Cartridge are perfect for all your baby-themed projects.

Other Supplies: Buttons, Chalk, Cardstock, Decorative Trim, Embossing Powder, Heat Gun, Ink - White, Patterned Paper, Pen, Stamp - Polka Dot

Attach patterned paper that is cut to 3" x 6" to the bottom of a piece of cardstock that is 6" x 12". Set the laser to cut in the same place for multiple cards. Cut a place holder and temporarily tape it on the card where you would like the shape to cut. Make pencil marks in the top left corner and bottom right corner. In the options menu select the material size option. Press OK to select Laser. Use Blade Navigator control to place laser beam on the pencil mark in the upper left corner and press OK to select. Move the Laser light to the pencil mark in the lower right corner of your material and press OK. The custom dimension now appears as the material size. It should be close to 1.81 x 3.97. Press escape and select the baby rattle design. Set paper weight to Cardstock Medium and size to 3.65. Select the Baby Rattle and under the options menu select solid. Cut the solid Baby Rattle out of the paper. After the Rattle is cut on the paper cutter, trim the card down to size and fold in half. Using white stamp ink, stamp polka dots on the top portion of the card and emboss with white embossing powder. Set the material size back to 12 x 12. Select the Baby Rattle and under the options menu select solid again. Cut the Rattle just out of white paper. Select piece under the options menu and cut the bow and Rattle center out of solid and patterned paper. Attach the piece to the white base. Add detail to the Rattle with chalk and pen. Close the card and attach the finished Rattle to the inside of the card so that it appears in the Rattle-shaped opening. On the computer, print the words "baby shower" onto white paper. Embellish with chalk and pen. Attach the title to the card. Embellish the rest of the card with decorative trim and buttons.

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