Happy Mother's Day Card #6

Project #18335

Bring all the ageless elements of beauty together into one mixed-media masterpiece for mom. This special card delivers dimensional delight to any creative style.

Other Supplies:

  • Cardstock (Dark Brown, Kraft, White, Light Purple, Dark Purple and 4 Shades of Green)
  • Classic Kraft-Stock by Tim Holtz
  • Melange Tissue Wrap by Tim Holtz
  • Metallic Kraft-Stock by Tim Holtz
  • Adhesive Foam Dots
  • Brads (Small, Brass-Colored)
  • Distress Inks™ by Tim Holtz (Black Soot, Ground Espresso, Seedless Preserves)
  • Gold Paint Pen
  • Hot Glue Gun
  • Hot Glue Sticks
  • Ink Blending Tool with Blending Foam
  • Liquid Adhesive
  • Metal Word Bands by Tim Holtz
  • Paintbrush
  • Paper Distresser
  • Ranger® Multi Medium Matte
  • Sandpaper
  • Trinket Pins by Tim Holtz

  1. Cut a 6 3/4" x 11" piece of dark brown cardstock, and fold in half to create a card base.
  2. Cut a 6 1/2" x 5 1/4" piece of taupe-toned kraft cardstock. Using a piece of sandpaper, distress small areas of the kraft cardstock until the core begins to show through. Concentrate the sandpaper towards the outer perimeter of the kraft cardstock (the center will be covered by other layers on the card). Distress all edges of the kraft cardstock using a paper distresser. Center and adhere the kraft cardstock to the front of the card base.
  3. Cut a 5 1/2" x 4 1/4" piece of white cardstock. Cut a 5 1/2" x 4 1/4" piece of Melange Tissue Wrap. Using a paintbrush, lay a thin layer of Multi Medium Matte on the top of the white cardstock. Adhere the Melange Tissue Wrap to the white cardstock, and then seal the top of the Melange Tissue Wrap with another thin layer of the Multi Medium Matte.
  4. Once the Melange Tissue Wrap is dry, emboss the cardstock with the Leafy embossing folder using the tab indicated for embossing on the Multipurpose Platform. The Melange Tissue Wrap should face the embossing side (the positive side), and the white cardstock should face the debossing side (the negative side). (Hint: The Melange Tissue Wrap should showcase the raised embossed image, and Distress Inks will be added along the top of the raised pattern.)
  5. Using a blending tool, gently brush Distress Inks (Black Soot and Ground Espresso) in varying places along the top of the embossed image on the Melange Tissue Wrap. (Hint: Do not push the blending tool down too hard because only a minimal amount of ink should be in the debossed part of the image.)
  6. Distress the edge of the embossed layered cardstock using a paper distresser. Apply Distress Ink (Black Soot) to the distressed edge with a blending tool.
  7. Cut a 4 3/4" x 5 3/4" piece of Melange Tissue Wrap, and ink the edges with Distress Ink (Black Soot) using a blending tool. Adhere the embossed layered cardstock on top of the loose inked Melange Tissue Wrap. Center and adhere the layered pieces to the card base with adhesive foam dots.
  8. Die-cut out of kraft paper a hollowed-out circle frame from the Stitched Circles set by nesting the 3 1/2" circle evenly inside the 4" circle on the Magnetic Platform. For ease of use, we recommend using the Magnetic Platform to hold the Framelits dies in place while the shapes are being cut. This will create two pieces: a smaller Stitched Circle and a larger circle frame; only the frame is needed. Gently ink the outside and inside edge of the circle frame with Distress Ink (Black Soot or Ground Espresso) to add dimension to the die-cut frame. Set the kraft cardstock circle frame aside.
  9. Using the skinny-petal flowers from the Small Tattered Florals set, die-cut three complete sets of layered flowers out of three different shades of green cardstock. (A complete set refers to die-cutting one of each size of the same skinny-petal flower out of each shade of green, except die-cut two of the largest skinny-petal flower out of each shade for stability when layering.) Die-cut one more set of skinny-petal flowers out of a fourth shade of green cardstock, but do not die-cut the largest skinny-petal flower so the finished flower is smaller than the other three layered flowers. Poke a hole in the center of all the flowers with the Die Pick. Layer together the flowers from each individual shade of green, with the largest on bottom to the smallest on top. Attach the layered flowers in each color set with a brad. Set aside all flowers.
  10. Die-cut two branches from the Small Tattered Florals set out of dark brown cardstock. Ink the edges of the branches with a gold paint pen. Set aside the branches.
  11. Die-cut the 3" circle from the Stitched Circle set out of a blue-toned Classic Kraft-Stock. Lightly sand the edge of the blue Stitched Circle where the pattern has been die-cut.
  12. Adhere a small piece of the gold Metallic Kraft-Stock to an Adhesive Sheet, and die-cut from the Alphanumeric Thin set the Happy Mother’s Day phrase to create letter stickers. Center and adhere the phrase to the blue Stitched Circle.
  13. On the bottom left side of the blue Stitched Circle, adhere with hot glue the Metal Word Band, “know in your heart you are loved.” Directly to the right of the Metal Word Band, adhere with hot glue the skinny-petal layered flower that does not contain the largest flower.
  14. Center and adhere with adhesive foam dots the kraft cardstock circle frame to the upper half of the embossed layered cardstock, leaving about a 1/4" between the top of the embossed layered cardstock and the top of the circle frame. (Hint: You can also die-cut the circle frame several times and glue each layer on top of one another to create similar dimension.)
  15. Adhere with liquid adhesive the ends of the branches from the Small Tattered Flowers set to the center left side of the kraft cardstock circle frame, leaving the ends of the branches to float freely.
  16. Directly on top of the ends of the branches, bundle and adhere with hot glue the other three layered green flowers, covering up where the branches are glued to the kraft cardstock circle frame.
  17. Adhere with adhesive foam dots the blue Stitched Circle sentiment to the lower right corner of the card base, allowing the upper half of the blue circle to cover a portion of the bottom right side of the kraft cardstock circle frame.
  18. Die-cut out of light purple cardstock the cutout butterfly with the wider wingspan from the Mini Detailed Butterflies set. Ink the edges of the butterfly with Distress Ink (Seedless Preserves) and a blending tool. Die-cut out of dark purple cardstock the matching butterfly without cutouts in the wings. Before removing the dark purple cardstock from the butterfly die, run the die again through the machine with a “sandwich” consisting of the Platform, Cutting Pad, the die (blade facing up), Silicone Rubber and Impressions Pad. This will create an embossing effect from the details on the butterfly. Gently rub Distress Ink (Seedless Preserves) across the top of the embossed pattern and along the edges of the butterfly to create dimension. Layer the dark purple embossed butterfly on top of the light purple butterfly, and then adhere the layered butterflies on the upper right corner of the kraft cardstock circle frame with liquid adhesive. The light purple butterfly should peek out from behind the dark purple butterfly.
  19. Attach the nickel-colored “Memento” Trinket Pin to the upper left hand corner of the embossed layered cardstock.

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