Believe in Magic Shadow Box

Project #18351

Fright this way to a most spirited creation! From its gravely serious shapes to its eerie embossing, the Sizzix Tim Holtz Falloween collection conjures up our most ghoulish mixed-media magic yet.

Other Supplies:

  • Cardstock (Black, Gold, Kraft, Orange, White, Yellow)
  • Idea-ology; Seasonal Paper Stash by Tim Holtz (Halloween)
  • Mixed-Media Paper
  • Ranger; Distress Woodgrain Cardstock by Tim Holtz
  • Adhesive
  • Adhesive Foam Tape
  • Black Permanent Marker
  • Craft Foam
  • Dimensional Metallic Silver Paint
  • Faux Spiderwebs
  • Gold Paint Pen
  • Heat Tool
  • Hot Glue Gun
  • Hot Glue Sticks
  • Idea-ology Pieces by Tim Holtz (Crypt Cameo, Crossbones, Mini Foundations, Metal Key)
  • Moss
  • Paints and Paintbrushes
  • Printed Cemetery Sign
  • Printed Photos
  • Ranger Black Archival Ink
  • Ranger Collage Glue Stick
  • Ranger Distress Collage Medium by Tim Holtz
  • Ranger Distress Glitters by Tim Holtz
  • Ranger Distress Inks by Tim Holtz
  • Ranger Distress Re-inker by Tim Holtz
  • Ranger Emboss It Ink Pad
  • Ranger Gold Embossing Powder (Princess Gold)
  • Ranger Mini Ink Blending Tool
  • Ranger Texture Paste
  • Sand
  • Scissors
  • Shipping Tape
  • Silver Leafing
  • Stampers Anonymous Script Stamps by Tim Holtz
  • Toothpicks
  • Twig or Stick
  • Wire

  1. Take out the following from the largest bag in the kit: the four kraft cardstock Holiday Shadow Box die-cut pieces and the spiderweb patterned paper die-cut front piece.
  2. Adhere the spiderweb patterned die-cut piece to the matching kraft piece, and trim the excess kraft foliage from the top (cutting straight across).
  3. Ink the die-cut pieces as desired, and assemble the Holiday Shadow Box. Reinforce the Shadow Box top, bottom and back by adhering the Little Sizzles Mat Board pieces to the corresponding die-cut pieces.
  4. Take out the small piece of silver wire from the kit. Using the Die Pick in the tool kit, poke two holes into the top of the Shadow Box, just to the right of the center (the holes should be about 1/4" apart.) Fold the wire in half, and push one end through each hole. Push the wire down completely so that it hangs inside the Shadow Box. Add a bit of adhesive to the top of the wire to hold it in place until covered in a later step.
  5. Ink the Picture Wheel as desired, and adhere it to the center of the Mat Board on the back of the Shadow Box, just below the edge. Included photos use the shipping tape transfer technique, for which the tutorial can be found online.
  6. Several pieces of black cardstock are provided to cover the Mat Board on the Shadow Box; one piece of black cardstock is embossed. Using the silver leafing rub provided, highlight the embossed pattern on the black cardstock. Cover the white Mat Board pieces with the black cardstock, using the embossed piece on the back of the Shadow Box. While using the silver leafing rub, also highlight the witch, the cat and the two spiders in the kit. (Note: Put these pieces back into the bag so they don’t get mixed up and lost before using them in a later step.)
  7. Ink the Halloween patterned paper strip as desired, and adhere it to the top of the Shadow Box.
  8. Set aside the spiderwebs, the small journaling card and the white mixed-media paper.
  9. Take out the kraft trees and wood twig from the kit, and ink all the trees (including those on the Shadow Box front) as desired. Adhere the additional tree die-cuts to the tree on the far left of the Shadow Box front, adding adhesive only to the trunk and up the center. Adhere the twig to the center of the stack of tree die-cuts to create a 3-D trunk. Pull up the branches on the tree die-cuts to create dimension. Using the Distress Collage Medium provided, add Distress Glitters to the trees (both the die-cut trees and those on the Shadow Box front) as well as to the twig.
  10. Adhere the three hillside die-cuts as follows: Fold on the score line the hillside die-cut with the large hill on the far left, and adhere it to the bottom of the inside of the Shadow Box with the edge of the scored piece butting up against the back of the of the Shadow Box. Cut in half the identical hillside die-cut piece. Fold both halves on the score line, and adhere the two pieces to the bottom of the Shadow Box so that the two outside edges now meet in the center. The scored piece should butt up against the first hillside die-cut. Score and adhere the remaining hillside die-cut to the bottom of the Shadow Box so that the scored piece butts up against the center hillside die-cut.
  11. Using the pink eclips spatula in the tool bag, mix the small bag of sand provided into the cup of Texture Paste. (Note: Two cups of Texture Paste are provided; use the one containing the larger amount of paste.) Mix in a small amount of Distress Ink to color the sand paste mixture. Spread a thin layer of this mixture over the bottom inside of the Shadow Box and the hillside die-cut pieces, and set aside to dry.
  12. Using the mixed-media paper, paintbrushes and watercolor paints provided, create a night sky background for the Shadow Box. Begin by painting random splotches of color, using very little water so that you have vivid color. Cover the entire paper with colors. Dry the colors with a heat tool. Once the colors are dry, begin adding dark blue and black paint randomly over the colors, allowing small bits of color to show through. Before the dark colors are completely dry, blot with a paper towel to lighten those areas that are still moist. Clean the paintbrush completely. Mix white paint and water on the craft mat, making it as opaque as possible. Using the clean paintbrush, splatter white paint onto the sky background to create stars. Adhere the sky to the inside back of the Shadow Box.
  13. Adhere the rounded spiderweb to the top of the Shadow Box (trim the point to create a straight edge to butt up against the Picture Wheel). Adhere the remaining spiderweb die-cut behind the front of the Shadow Box so that the irregular edge hangs down from the top.
  14. Take out of the kit the ghost and tombstone die-cuts and the moss. Adhere the patterned paper tombstone die-cuts to the coordinating foam pieces. Using the Texture Paste in the smaller container, spread a small amount onto the ghost and the tombstone with the cross. Don’t smooth the paste—you want the texture intact. Add the tiniest amount of Distress Ink to the remaining Texture Paste to tint the paste. Spread the tinted paste onto the remaining tombstones and the cross on the first tombstone. Leave any irregularities to add to the texture. Set aside to dry. Once they are dry, stamp on the tombstones using the rubber stamps and black ink provided in the tool kit.
  15. Remove the black cardstock silhouette die-cut pieces from the kit (trick-or-treaters, moons, spiders and bats). Using scissors, cut the witch trick-or-treater and the cat from the die-cut. Add a bit of silver leafing rub to the cutout pieces, all the bats and both spiders. Adhere the gold moon die-cut to the top of the black cardstock moon die-cut to create dimension. Adhere the moon to the night sky on the inside back of the Shadow Box. Adhere the smallest bat across the moon. Cut a small piece (approximately 1/16") from one of the toothpicks provided in the kit. Using hot glue, adhere the toothpick piece to the night sky background near the moon. Adhere one of the other bats to the end of the toothpick piece using hot glue. Adhere the remaining bats together at the center, and bend the wings up to create dimension. Using Distress Collage Medium, adhere the 3-D bat to one of the wire ends hanging inside the Shadow Box. (Note: Use scissors to trim the wires to the desired length first, and color the wire with black permanent marker.) Adhere one of the spiders to the other wire end.
  16. Cut in half the woodgrain haunted mansion die-cut, and ink as desired. Cut the tower roof from the black cardstock haunted mansion die-cut, fold the roof piece in half at the center and adhere to the woodgrain die-cut with adhesive foam tape. Use the gold paint pen included in the tool kit to color the trim on the roof. Using the dimensional silver metallic paint in the tool kit, outline the windows, and set aside to dry.
  17. Assemble the cityscape die-cut pieces and tree by layering the rooftops and craft foam. Ink as desired. These will be placed on the back, right side of the Shadow Box, with some directly on the background and some just behind the farthest hillside to create the appearance of a far-off city.
  18. Adhere toothpicks (as sign posts) to the Silent Acres Cemetery sign to create the cemetery entrance. Adhere the sign to the center front of the middle hillside. Add a bit of moss to the tombstones, and adhere the tombstones under and behind the cemetery sign.
  19. Remove the gold fence pieces from the kit. Adhere the large and small fence pieces together to create a longer fence (leaving the arched gate separate). Emboss the fence and gate die-cut pieces using the Emboss It ink, gold embossing powder and heat tool provided. Adhere the fence to the front, left side of the first hillside, and adhere the gate to the front, right side of the first hillside. Adhere the witch, with the right side of the witch tucked just behind the gate. Adhere the cat to the top of the fence. Ink the pumpkin and jack-o’-lantern die-cuts as desired, and edge some with the gold paint pen to add interest. Adhere two to the top of the fence, one at the witch’s feet and the rest in a pile in front of the right side of the fence, spilling into the center of the hillside.
  20. Adhere the haunted mansion die-cut to the back, left side of the farthest hillside.
  21. Embellish the top of the Shadow Box using the ghost die-cut, the Crypt Cameo, the mini Halloween journaling card, the Metal Key and the Crossbones. The Distress Collage Medium will work best for permanently adhering the metal pieces, but a bit of hot glue will help to hold them in place until the Distress Collage Medium sets. Adhere the Mini Foundations in the same manner to complete the Shadow Box. Finish by stretching a bit of faux spiderwebs all around the Shadow Box.

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