Bird Table Favor

Project #1943

Turn an ordinary thread spool into a beautiful table accessory with this Bird Table Favor project. Customize it to your own theme by following the instructions below.

Other Supplies: Cardstock, Chipboard, Dowel, Glass Glitter, Gloves, Hot Glue Gun, Netting, Paints (Shimmering), Rhinestone Button, Ribbon, Silk Flower, Small Flowers, Spray Glue Stamp Sticker, Trim, Waxed Cording, Wooden Spool

Cover wooden spool with lace trim. Take apart a silk flower and mist with shimmering paints. Reassemble flower, inserting stiff netting between layers. Adhere to spool. Insert small dowel through holes in flower petals and into spool. Secure in place with hot glue. Tie bow with ribbon and adhere to flower. Add rhinestone button, small flowers, waxed cording bow and stamp sticker for embellishment. Die-cut Bird from paper-covered chipboard. Spray glue onto Bird. Using gloves, cover Bird in glass glitter. Attach Bird to dowel using hot glue.

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